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Help & Info about Adobe Premiere Pro for windows

  • What is Adobe Premiere?

    Adobe Premiere (or, to use its full name, Adobe Premiere Pro) is a comprehensive video editing app. Based around a timeline, it provides the user with a wide range of professional-level editing features.
  • What platforms is Adobe Premiere available for?

    Premiere is available for Windows and Mac. Users who are running outdated versions of those operating systems should make an effort to research which edition of Premiere will be compatible with their system.
  • What's new in the latest version of Adobe Premiere?

    The latest version of Premiere is Premiere Pro CC 2018. New additions to the app include the ability to open multiple projects simultaneously and to share projects. The program software can now handle immersive video effects and transitions, for use in VR and 360 editing, and has a wide range of tool improvements.
  • What is Adobe Premiere's Essential Graphics panel?

    The Essential Graphics Panel provides the user with a workflow for titling and motion graphics. From here, the user will be able to create graphics (including moving graphics), add layers of text and use similar visual enhancements.
  • Is there a free or budget version of Adobe Premiere?

    Premiere is available as a free trial version for anybody who wishes to give it a try before purchasing. For students, there is a budget student edition that should be affordable to users in a low-income bracket.
  • What is Adobe Premiere Elements?

    Adobe Premiere Elements is a scaled-down version of Premiere Pro. It has fewer features than the full version, but it is available at a fraction of the price. This means that it is suited to more casual users who do not intend to take full advantage of a professional editing suite.
  • What file types are compatible with Adobe Premiere?

    Premiere is designed to be compatible with all widely-used video formats, although only the Windows edition can import WMV files. In addition, the software supports a range of different digital camera types for users who wish to capture and edit footage directly from their camera.
  • What are the best settings for exporting Adobe Premiere videos to YouTube?

    The program comes with ready-made presets which, when chosen, will ensure that the exported video is suitable to either YouTube or Vimeo, depending on the user's choice. As a general rule, the user should choose H.264 as a format and ensure that they check Maximum Render Quality.
  • What are the best settings for exporting Adobe Premiere videos to DVD?

    Premiere is capable of exporting to both DVD and Blu-ray. For the former, MPEG2-DVD is the best setting; for the latter, use either MPEG2 Blu-ray or H.264 Blu-ray.
  • Is Adobe Premiere been used in the professional filmmaking industry?

    Yes, Premiere is used by professional filmmaker. The software has been used during the creation of such prominent and well-known films of recent years as Gone Girl and Deadpool. Anybody using the full Premiere Pro will, at the end of the day, be using the same tool as the professional editors of those films.


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